SSP Stainless Steel

Our company was founded and started its commercial activities in 1995 in Dusseldorf, Germany, under the umbrella of HKÖ Metal Group. Since its founding our company has engaged in stocking and sales of stainless steel tubing and connection elements in the Europe, Middle East and Far East regions.

As of 2000s SSP Steel has established its own brand of SSP Stainless Steel for stainless steel industrial and hygienic connection elements and continues its sales under this brand.

Management centre of SSP Steel Company was moved to Munich in 2013.

Our Mission,

Our company has been well-known as a supplier of world class quality and reliable stainless steel materials for long years. Our mission is to reach our customer as fast as possible at any location on the world and to contribute to continued operation of the projects of our valued customers. We are a customer oriented company. Our price policy is based on competitiveness. Our product quality is accredited by globally recognised certification institutions. Our technical teams continuously work to determine customer needs to exactly determine which materials are needed by our customers and to precisely guide them for supply of most accurate materials in order to prevent any potential error.

SSP Steel is a reliable solution partner who will not leave you halfway with its effective operation, its stocks in various locations of the globe, its wide product range, its multinational logistics network, its know-how in stainless steel, and its sincere and diligent personnel.

Our Vision,

As SSP Steel our vision is to reach the position of "leading company" in Turkey and all countries where we provide services with a customer oriented approach. SSP Steel has adopted values of unity, solidarity, understanding, perfection, responsibility and innovation as its main principles since its founding.

Overview of HKÖ Metal Group,

HKÖ Metal Group has been engaged in the iron and steel sector since 1955 and has moved into stainless steel since the '80s. The group includes three companies, namely Özimeks Paslanmaz Çelik, who is engaged in stocking and sales of industrial stainless steel in Turkey and Middle East, Intermetal, who work as a stainless steel supplier in global markets, and SSP Steel.